Thursday, August 27, 2009

No News - Good News?

Apologies. This blogger has had little to report. Right now the Bergdahls are committed to a prayerful rather than public response to Bowe's captivity. Consistent with their desires we again petition all to keep a prayer on your lips many times a day. God, thank you for Bowe. Please keep him safe today. Surround him with your angels. Quiet his fears. Bring him home soon. Amen. It's easy to go about lives that are busy and sometimes stressful forgetting that America has a prisoner of war whose name is never mentioned in the 24 hour news cycles of so much trivia. Sometimes there's a footnote to a thirty-minute broadcast: two soldiers die in Afghanistan. 45 this month. Names withheld. American heroes, everything to their families, essential to the freedom of ours and so many other nations, left anonymous to the viewer. But this is the world. The Apostle Paul during his life of trial and tribulation never allowed the world to move him. Acts 20:22-24 His eyes were on the promise which is Divine.
Keep the faith. Keep the prayers, and, when Bowe returns, give God the glory, for His is always the Good News.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 47 - Remember Bowe

Congress is vacationing. The PGA golf tournament is playing with Tiger in the lead. People are going about their lives as, relaxing, exercising, watching TV. But somewhere in the rugged border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Bowe Bergdahl, son of Jani and Bob, brother of Sky, and friend of many, is held captive by hostile Taliban forces. Let us not forget as we enjoy our week end that Bowe needs our prayers. We pray for his miraculous and swift rescue and repatriation to his country and family today, day 47.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Standing with Bowe on Wheels

Hundreds of motorcyclists gathered in Hailey, Idaho to support Bowe last Saturday .....
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Taliban Issues Statement

Taliban: Awaiting US response on captured troop

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan — A militant commander who is holding a U.S. soldier abducted in Afghanistan said Sunday that Taliban leader Mullah Omar's council is waiting for a response to its demands before deciding the American's fate. ...... click for the latest AP Report.


Day 41 of Captivity

Please remember Bowe today as he still remains held by his Taliban captors after 40 days. As God saved Noah from the flood after 40 days of rain, we pray God will also protect Bowe from danger. (Genesis 7,8). Forty days has significance in the Old Testament scripture and if you read the story of Noah, you see that God is also involved in every little detail. And He is so now.
Keep the faith, like Noah did.

Monday, August 10, 2009

From Bowe's Family

Although the public was notified on 02 July 2009 that PFC Bowe R. Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban, the actual date of capture was early in the morning of 30 June 2009. In order to prevent any undue discussions or questions that may arise from the disparity of the two dates, I offer this narative.
As noted by the media in many articles, details surrounding a captured, or even missing, soldier are often kept secret for a time. The reason behind this is not an act to keep the American public out of the loop, as it may seem sometimes. Instead these details, if kept secret, can aid in the recovery of the captured soldier. Due to this need for secrecy the American public and even the family of PFC Bergdahl were not privy to many of the details of his capture. In fact, for the first two days the family was simply told that Bowe was missing, not that he was captured. Not until June 2nd did the military inform the family that Bowe was indeed captured. The difference in dates can appear to some as details that prove the Bowe was wandering the desert for days prior to being captured. However, much to the chagrin of the conspiracy theorists, the answer is much more innocent than that. It is simply the difference in time between proactive operations to recover Bowe and the backfill of information to the Amercian public.
Bowe was indeed captured on the morning of 30 June 2009. The Army performed an 100% accountability check at 0900 local time in Afghanistan on the 30th. A scant 2 and a half hours earlier Bowe had completed his guard duty and retired to his bunk, where he prepared for a little shut-eye. What happened in the next 2 hours are pure speculation until we can ask Bowe himself, when he is returned. I do not intend to offer any details to prove or debunk the myriad of theories that led to Bowe's capture as I, nor anyone else, can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt any factual details supporting their theory. The bottomline is that within approximately 2 hours after Bowe was released from his guard duty the military had indications that a service member was captured. There was no indication as to who the service member was prior to the 100% accountability muster.
I hope this clears up at least the date of Bowe's capture. Please refrain from speculation, but instead pursue truth. Allow the military the freedom to do their job as the professional men and women that we know they are.
Most of all, continue to pray. Pray for Bowe's strength to endure the mental, and possibly physical hardship and pray for Bowe's swift rescue. Pray for our service men and women who are actively involved in the rescue effort that they will also remain from harm. Pray for our service men and women who are deployed to fight for freedom from terror. Pray for the families who wait at home, hoping that their loved one will return quickly and unharmed.
Very respectfully,
Michael, Bowe Bergdahl's brother-in-law

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Date of Capture Revised

Bowe's family, has chosen to remember the date Bowe was actually captured, 30 June 2009, rather than the Army's official announced date, 2 July, 2009. They feel this honors Bowe's ordeal more accurately.